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Polish Marble


Installing marble tiles is a straightforward task, and once laid they will last a lifetime. Marble loses it shines after prolong periods of sun and also constant use of the floor due to walking around. After too long a period without care, the natural stone will lose it shine forever. Taking care of it is essential and over a period of time, cost saving will be substantial for owners and tenants.


1. Mechanized rotating scrubbing on flooring with dry method to remove the dirt and stain marks on the surface.

2. Polishing with the marble care powder that works on patching up crack lines, scratches and hole on the surface, sealing with marble slug and glue when necessary.

3. Clean up the excess powder residue on the surface.

4. Marble polishing powder to be applied on the polishing process that will bring up the glossy level up to 80 and above.

5. Final checking, touch up and cleaning to be carried out.